Say YES to Longevity

Say YES to Longevity

Longevity Essential Oil is a blend that contains the 4 of the highest antioxidant essential oils. 

It’s one of the main reasons that many love Ningxia Red so much!! 

There are many schools of thought on antioxidants, but the theory of free radicals is one of the strongest. The theory is based on the fact that continued oxidative stress to cells, receptors and DNA in the body cause aging; beyond the normal aging process. 

All of us are subject to day-to-day oxidative damage. The good news is one of the best ways we can decrease the amount of oxidative stress is by increasing our uptake of antioxidants.

Why are Antioxidants so Important?
Antioxidants are incredible because when taken as a dietary supplement (hello Longevity Vitality) it may protect the skin by attaching themselves to free radicals, which in turn may minimize the potential harmful effects and is important for youthful-looking skin.

There are 4 Essential oils that make up Longevity:
Thyme:  this essential oil can dramatically boost glutathione levels in the heart, liver and brain. It can also help keep fats found in many vital organs - healthy! The oxidation of fats in the body is directly linked to accelerated aging.
Orange:  Contains over 90% d-limonene and you are going to want to why you want more d-limonene in your life!
Clove:  has the highest known antioxidant power as measured by ORAC-( Oxygen Radical Absobrance Capacity) this is another one that you want to when it comes to antioxidation!
Frankincense:  this is an oil that can do so much for your mind, mood and your limbic system. is going to be your friend on this one as well!

How to use Longevity Vitality:

Put 1–2 drops of Longevity Vitality in a capsule daily to support a healthy immune system.
Remember… same oil in the bottle/different label.  Longevity can be placed on your feet as well, a great bedtime habit!  

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Is your body feeling it?

Is your body feeling it?
Is your body feeling the weight of the stress around you?
Maybe an ulcer, a stress rash, a few hormonal breakouts, some digestive issues, a headache, a backache, some bags under the eyes, teething grinding, should I keep going?   

Just Kidding. Kind of...

One of the things I love about Young Living is there are so many resources to help managing the stress and give it a route out.
Products won’t do all the work for you, but if you intentionally slow down and support your system with them you will feel a shift in your mental and emotional state.

Stress Away is often picked first.   This blend is perfect for helping with alleviating everyday stress. A great option is the Stress Away Roll-On. Always keep it on you and use it often. Make sure you breathe it in deeply while applying.

Tranquil Roll-On is fantastic to grab if Stress Away just isn’t quite cutting it for your anxiousness. This roller is a blend of Lavender, Cedarwood, and Roman Chamomile. It is often used for sleep to calm the mind, but it can be incredibly helpful for those that need help settling their mind that is constantly turned on.

Motivation is a blend that is good for the times you have a list you must complete, but you are struggling with the feeling of action to complete it. This is a great one to toss in the diffuser or to put behind your ears. Breathe in deeply and do the things you have to do to feel accomplished.

Relaxation Massage Oil is a great wind down product for the end of a crazy day. This massage oil can help relieve, relax, and soothe. If you don’t have someone to give you a massage, you can do a self-massage. Take some of your Massage Oil and rub your hands and feet. Find the pressure points that feel the most tender and rub them out. The pressure points on these extremities act as a full-body massage.

Stress Away or Lavender Bath Bombs are both great options. If you need some serious recharge time, draw a hot bath, and put one of these in. The bath bomb is not only aromatically soothing, but the ingredients are ones to help make your body feel soft and silky when you are done. 

Above all, you can't pour out of an empty cup. 

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A timely gift

A timely gift
Mother’s Day is a painful time for many.   
It brings up unmet expectations, painful memories, loss.   
Not a beaming Mother holding a bouquet of flowers with spotless children standing around with a grin.

Sound familiar?   I spent nine long years waiting to be a Mom.  
On one particular Mothers Day, the minister I worked for chose me to stand in front of the church and hand the flowers to each Mother as they filed by me beaming.   

There I was, childless.   

I held back the tears as long as I could as I carefully gave out several hundred bundles of flowers.  

Look around.   
There are people all around you who are fighting internal battles.    
If I had known back then what I know now, life would be so different!   

I smile when I see how far I have come from the tearful Sunday morning.   
There have been a lot of storms and seasons since then.   
Now, I have tools that work.   
Now, I daily share those tools with hurting people all around us.  I am so grateful!!

I have watched these powerful oils bring a balm of healing to hurts, memories, and wounds.   
They work.  
These amazing oils work on the part of our brain that stores and files all your emotional experiences.   

Did you know that part of your brain responds only to smell?    
When you smell the cologne/perfume of someone in your past it will immediately bring you to that memory.   

Sometimes those memories are connected to pain.   

Sometimes they are connected to a warm memory that is revisited when you smell fresh baked bread or chocolate chip cookies because you enjoyed the food with an enjoyable time. 

Before you were born, God inserted healing in plants, shrubs, trees, herbs, resins for you.  Knowing full well that you would be needing them.   

This season is unlike any other you have walked through.   
These tools are here for you.  

This month is the perfect time to reach out to those around you.   
Does your Mother, or a woman who believed in you, have a Young Living Premium Starter Kit?   
Why not gift her the healing power of the flowers that will not wilt in a few days.
(we will even teach her how to use them for you!)   

Think of the women around you that are overwhelmed.    
This could be the most timely gift you have ever given.   

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Melt it away

Melt it away
Why a Detox Bath?
Detox baths can be very beneficial to your overall wellness.
A detox bath is a natural way to help you rid your body of toxins. 
You simply add Epsom Salt and essential oils to your bath and let them dissolve.
Epsom Salt helps draw the toxins out of your body.

Helpful Hint: 
Make sure that you purchase Epsom Salts without any added fragrance to them. 
You will want to add your own Young Living Essential Oils to the mix. 
Here is a great brand to add to your Amazon cart: epsom salts

Why might you want to take a detox bath?

-It can soothe the skin
. It can help smooth rough skin and get rid of dead skin cells.

-It can reduce soreness and pain. Those who suffer from any kind of swelling can benefit from a detox bath. The Epsom Salt can ease the pain and help get rid of toxins that may be irritating the body and causing inflammation.

-It can help reduce stress. 
The magnesium found in Epsom Salt can help boost the neurotransmitters that are responsible for inducing sleep and reducing stress. It also helps you relax if your stress had caused tension in your body.

-It can promote foot health. A soak in Epsom Salt may help with Athlete’s Foot and ingrown toenails.

-It can help reduce the time you are sick. If you’ve been under the weather, detox baths can help draw out the toxins in your body that may be assisting in how miserable you feel.

Some essential oils that are great to add to your Epsom Salt:
Lavender, Stress Away, Peace & Calming, Panaway, Purification (if you are feeling under the weather), Bergamot, Citrus Fresh.

How do you take a detox bath?
Simply add 2 cups of Epsom Salt with 5-10 drops of the essential oils of your choosing to a warm bath. Soak for 20+ minutes.

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