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 A normal nights rest was 2 hours for me.    

I would go right to sleep,

 sleep 2 hours and lay there 

the rest of the night.    

I went to the doctor 

and was given 3 different medications.  

He even doubled the dose of all three, 

and still 2 hours.   

I threw the bottles away.  

It was not the road for me.

Then I learned about a sleeping blend.   

The very first night I slept 5 hours straight!


functioning with more than twice my ‘normal’ rest!   

I felt like a new man!   

Now, I sleep from the time my head hits the pillow 

until the alarm goes off.   

Do you struggle with sleep?   

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I was locked in a running automatic car wash 

for 20 very long minutes.   

My heart was racing, my breathing was rapid, 

I just wanted out.   

I called the number on the wall, 

and there was no answer.  

The panic increased with no one coming to get me out.  

From that day, 

I struggled with the same panic every time a door was closed.  

Elevators, stairwells, offices, all brought a racing heart back.  

I remember asking the doctor to leave the door open when I went in for an appt because I knew I couldn’t handle the door closed.  

We went through a season of intense stress.  

My body started shutting down.  

My neck erupted with painful blisters.    

I couldn’t stand anything near my neck or shoulder.   

It stung and throbbed all day long as the tears 

would roll down my face. 

Then, I learned about a calming tool.   

Out of desperation I gave it a whirl.   

Oh…. If only I could take you to that moment 

when my body started to respond!

My skin cleared. 

Is stress and fear affecting your body?  

Let me insert some real hope.

We have discovered a toolbox with side benefits!

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