ways to retrieve your PEACE

                                                                           Are you feeling a bit squished or panicked or blahhh in this quarantine?

   Here are a few of my favorite ways to flip the switch to looking up. 

Take a walk

Even if it is chilly outside, layer up and get outside!   

Breathe in the fresh air and just pause.  
Be deliberate in slowing yourself down 
by deep breathing way down to your toes.   
You will be amazed at the boost 
of just getting a different view,               
the blood flowing, 
and the endorphins pumping will do for your mood.
Stay hydrated... 

It seems like a no-brainer, but are you REALLY drinking enough water each day, or do you just think so?

Our goal is half our body weight in ounces each day.   

So, for 150# person, the goal would be 75 ounces each day.    

Keep your bottle within reach.   Decorate it!  

Set reminders on your phone 

to you get it in throughout the day and don’t have to get up at night.   

Your body will adjust as you give it the amount it needs to keep you up.   

I love to check things off, so keeping a water journal has helped a ton for me.  

Find a quiet spot

Do you have a spot in your home to sit and meditate and pray and read?   

Claim one!   

Set a daily appointment with God there.  

Just like an appointment with a doctor or hairdresser, this one is priority to stay afloat.   

I bring my coffee to my mtgs. 

Brain dumping

One of the ways I have discovered to let the heaviness out and the light in is by ‘brain dumping.’ When stress is high, brain dumping can help make sense of feelings and show you truth.   

Just set a timer for 5 minutes and let it all roll out of your pen.   

Sounds crazy, right?  Write out everything
~it's rainy outside today...
~I feel tired...
~I am not looking forward to being home again...

~I ‘m not ready for… and so on....
 When we let those thoughts marinate in our brains, we may become anxious, stressed or worried to the point that we cannot focus.

Our mind is unable to see things clearly. 

We may only see current circumstances, rather than actual truth.
Brain dumping, or releasing your thoughts on paper (in plain black and white) allows you to capture truth.

The truth of what God says about you and your situation.   

Set the mood...

Set the mood first thing in the morning!  

Remember the feeling when you  step into your grandmas house and the smell of those cookies in the oven?   

What if you brought those feelings into your house every morning?   

I don’t get up and bake cookies, but I do fill our diffusers with essential oils that bring peace and tranquility into the room.   

Your sense of smell is powerful, and this is one way to start the day on the right foot!     

It's super important to know 
that not all essential oils are created equal...
You just can't go to a retail store ( or anyplace on the internet ) and trust you are getting the good stuff. GREAT NEWS FOR YOU...I've got a source I trust - want to know more? 
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